Weekly Workshops

Different topics each week on grief management.

Wednesdays, 1:30pm PT

Weekly Grief
Training Webinars

Join us every Wednesday to talk about different subjects on grief management. Ask specific questions about what is currently happening with your employees and we can discuss the best ways forward.

Upcoming Schedule

Common Myths About Grief

2/16/22 - 1:30pm

Grief Changes Us

2/23/22 - 1:30pm

Our Different Reactions to Grief

3/2/22 - 1:30pm

What We Shouldn't Say

6/30/21 - 1:00pm

Grief in Returning to the Office

3/9/22 - 1:30pm

Our Many Losses in 2020

3/23/22 - 1:30pm

The True Cost of Grief

3/16/22 - 1:30pm

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