Grief Services

Let's discover all the ways that grief affects your business.


Online Video Courses


Online video courses and downloadable resources give your management everything they'll need to talk about and manage grief.


Instructor Led

Groups of 10-15


Have up to 12 managers per class meet weekly to go through this material and specific cases with a trained instructor.



Weekly Topics


Weekly interactive webinars to ask and get answers to tough questions that will come up in your specific industry.


Grief Education Workshops

All Management Training


Half-day and full-day employee training workshops and speaking engagements.


Grief Risk


We'll help determine the risk grief poses to your business and do a comprehensive grief review using current practices and knowledge.


Online Video Courses

Train all of your management, HR, and even all your employees on the basics of grief: what it is, how we go through it, and how to talk and support each other in the workplace.

Grief Management 101

Instruction for all managment and HR on the basics of grief, what to say, what NOT to say, and how to interact with grieving employees.

Advanced Grief Management

In depth instruction on assessing grief risk, tips on communication, monitoring employee grief, and ways to increase productivity and inclusion.

Weekly Grief
Training Webinars

Join us every Wednesday to talk about different subjects on grief management. Ask specific questions about what is currently happening with your employees and we can discuss the best ways forward.

Employee Workshops
Speaking Engagements

Grief doesn't have to be a boring, sad, depressing, or uncomfortable subject. Grief is something that every living human experiences, and once we get past the initial awkwardness our ability to talk more openly about grief greatly increases.

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Speaking Engagements

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Train All Management

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Employee Workshops

Join Our Satisfied Managers, Companies, and Relieved HR Staff​ Today!

Grief doesn't have to be an uncomfortable subject. We can learn to support one another, and with just a little effort here and there, we can collectively save billions of dollars.