Gifts of the Crisis


Before we begin this lesson, let’s acknowledge something: The Flames Are Real! This crisis is real. It’s present. This article is all about taking advantage of the opportunities that are currently around us. Right now.

Acknowledge the Fear

This Fear and Grief is Real

This crisis is real and very present in the personal lives of our employees. Acknowledge the Fear. Be honest and face it directly.


To leverage this crisis, we need to return to the basics of consistent leadership and sound planning; the things that made our business great to begin with. Without those two things, teams and companies fall apart during crisis.


COVID Planning Tip #1

Has your business environment permanently changed?


When you have some "free-time" take a few moments to think about your business plan. If your plan hasn't changed in a year it's time to re-visit it.


Information Warfare

Treasure News You Can Rely On

In any crisis, information is your friend. The more good reliable intel you have the better your position. The problem we have is finding reliable intel in this era of “Fake News” and Social Media misinformation.

Knowing who to trust is key.


COVID Business Mistake #1

Underestimating the Possible Extent of Change


Things might have changed outside of your relm of control, for good. Or, some aspects of business will never return to "normal". For instance, the ability to work from home.


What things have permanently changed in your environment?


COVID Business Mistake #2

Not Preserving Your Organization To Succeed

Does it even make sense to stay in business with your current environment and cash flow?


Is this the time to pivot? What would that look like?


What areas of our business are still doing well? Products/services that we should absolutely keep offering. What can we say goodbye to?


COVID Business Mistake #3

Not Checking In With Your Employees

Think more than just how they are performing at work. 


What are they going through at home? How are their families? Have they had multiple losses?


Right now, workplace stress is at an all time high and part of that is due to working environments and managing a household while working. How are they managing that?


COVID Business Mistake #4

Not Thinking About Your Competition


How has your competition been doing?


Are they suffering as much as you?
Why/why not?


How have they supported their employees and customers during this pandemic?


How are their customers doing?
Is there any room to capture neglected customers?



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We can't wait to discover how we can ease this burden.

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