What Can We Do Right Now?


Let’s talk about surviving this coronavirus and total shutdown, and how we’ve all been affected by this crisis. Depending on your type of business, you have either been completely shut down, been required to remain open, you have been able to work remotely, or it hasn’t affected you at all. Your immediate needs and emotional reactions will change depending on which category the majority of your employees fall into. Regardless, your employees have been affected.

Which Category Does Your Business Fall Into?

Type I

Required to Remain Open

Essential Workers & Services


Companies whose work falls into the capricious ‘Essential Services’ category are a mixed bag. There are many people required to continue work who are subjecting themselves and loved ones to the virus.


Even though people are working, they may not feel safe. This causes additional stressors for staff.


Type II

Required to Shut Down

Food Service, Bars, Cosmetology, and Similar


Many businesses fall in this category. have been required to shut down. Just because you don’t have a means of revenue right now, it doesn’t mean that your business will fail.


Do something specifically creative for your customers, even if they can't visit your business. Have you had to lay off your employees? How are they doing?


Type III

Able To Work Remotely

Tech Companies


A lot of companies have the ability to work remotely, which is great because they still have income, but this crisis still affects their customers, friends, and family.


Working from home causes a number of other stressors, such as childcare and work-life ballance. They have also lost their community, routines, and in-person interactions. Take care to ensure your staff is taking care of themselves.



Type IV

Not Affected At All

Health Care, Transportation, Menial Labor


There are some businesses that this crisis hasn’t directly affected, and in some cases they have greatly benefited. Companies who naturally work remotely, or companies like Zoom, Netflix, or Amazon have seen unprecidented rises in profits.


Companies in this position can give back to their employees  (make sure they are taken care of) and then their customers (make their day a little bit brighter).


Spikey Shadow

What Have We Lost?

We recently wrote an article about COVID Secondary Losses. These are losses that we are grieving in-addition-to everything else going on in our lives. Keep these in mind when you're talking to an employee; they might be going through a lot right now.

2020 Secondary Losses

Loss of Normal Life

Loss of Social Interaction

Loss of Financial Security

Loss of Peace of Mind

Loss of Health

Loss of ....

How Are Your Employees?

What are they going through at home? How are their families? Have they had multiple losses? Right now, workplace stress is at an all time high and part of that is due to working environments and managing a household while working.

Signs To Reach Out

Sudden Increases in Sadness, Worry, and Mood Swings
Difficulty with Attention and Concentration
Increased Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs
Avoidance of “Normal Social Activities”
Unhealthy Eating or Sleeping Habits
Depression or Suicide Ideation


Interested In Learning More?

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We can't wait to discover how we can ease this burden.

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