Facing Compassion Fatigue in the Veterinary Field

Grieving@Work - Workshop - Veterinary Compassion Fatigue

We have faced unprecedented challenges in 2020 in the Veterinary Environment. These stresses keep us from connecting with others and living our lives. Long stressful hours, the multiple pet euthanasias and grieving clients, inability to be with loved ones like we used to, struggling to say the right thing to clients, dealing with angry / irrational clients (in-person and online), watching grieving families say goodbye in the parking lot—all while being immersed in grief day in and day out personally and professionally.

Facing Grief in the Veterinary Field is a 2.5 Hour Workshop where we come together in an inclusive, confidential, non-judgemental, and privacy compliant environment to share some of the grief we've been carrying this year and learn better ways to let it go.

We can create space to talk about:

  • How we are doing personally.
  • Any specific cases that are still weighing on our minds.
  • Ways to avoid permanent burnout.
  • What compassion fatigue really is.
  • What to say to a grieving client.
  • Creating a more compassionate environment to say good-bye.

Join Grief Workers Kevin Ringstaff and Elizabeth Corri Moss-Hunter as we create a safe space to acknowledge and talk about this unique grief in today's veterinary environment. Our intention is to build permanent skills to better take care of ourselves, our coworkers, and to better support grieving clients.

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