What We Shouldn’t Say

We are at a crossroads now. Down one path is worry, doubt, fear; but down the other is prosperity and flowers. With our thoughts we can choose whichever path we want. Personally, I chose the flowery prosperity path. Why the flower path? Because it's a better smelling path and easier on the eyes. It's been proven that those who practice meditation, gratitude, and thoughtwork are happier, more successful, and more fulfilled in life.

“All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.”
 ~James Allen

Perhaps those of us reading this already know this, and our thoughts are in top-top shape. Fantastic. But we're not done yet; we've just been talking about the power of our thoughts. What about our employees? What do they think about their company, their situation, and the way they've been treated throughout this pandemic? 

Keep in mind, a group of employees who are suffering and consistently having negative thoughts will "infect" those around them. We stop this from happening by just giving them the space to vent and the knowledge that they've been heard.

By now you should have spent at least a few minutes talking directly with each of your employees to see how they’ve been doing. Where is their mindset? How worried are they? What thoughts occupy their mind? Knowing this will give you a better understanding the mood and direction of your business to take advantage of any situation. 

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